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Posted 10 months ago by Tammie Michael

I hope everyone doing well and staying safe.  Please email me at and let me know your thoughts/concerns; or what you would like to see on the resumption of dinners. I was thinking about a June startup. I think May is just too difficult with everything reopening at only 25%, unsure when they will go to 50% and if the restaurants themselves would want to do large groups. Also, would you guys like to have a GCAPN Meeting to discuss all this for May?  I can set up a Skype meeting (especially need one for all the officers).  There are a lot of issues with Zoom. Cisco Webex is another option.  What do you think about doing it for Wednesday 13th evening around 7pm? 

We have a new account manager for AMC (Angie Guy), I will be speaking with her this afternoon as well. 

Hoping to hear from everyone. Please email me.

Tammie G Michael DNP, APRN, AGPCNP-BC  President of GCAPN


Swarna Lam 9 months ago

GM. Hope all is safe with you. I am doing fine. At present doing tele health and F2F visits. Yes June will be good time to resume the meetings.
Take care and be safe
Swarna Lam

Gwenn Scott 9 months ago

I’d be more comfortable with a July start

Vera Gibb 9 months ago

June or July is fine

Joey Chmielewski 9 months ago

June is fine with me. I would also be up for a May Skype meeting.

Tammie Michael 9 months ago

Just got off phone with AMC. We can do Zoom meetings/Virtual and they can do presentation and we can have our business meetings. We can charge them a sponsorship fee to do the virtual presentations. We can do this for several months.

Michelle Johnston 9 months ago

I think June is a good start up time frame if the restaurants are ready to have group meetings. Zoom meeting works for me on that Wednesday just let me know.

Glenna Tolley 9 months ago

I prefer later out.

Jessica Castaneda 9 months ago

June sounds good to me too. Take care and be safe everyone

Susan Minello 9 months ago

I’d like to be included on the May Zoom meeting!
Not sure about June 0r July
Thanks Tammie!

Denise Bach 9 months ago

July sounds good to me. thanks for the note!

Carolyn Arorash 9 months ago

June please I miss y’all!

Doris DeVries 9 months ago

June or July sounds good. Prefer in person meetings to virtual. Haven't had to do virtual meetings yet but should learn. One on one discussions are so much better in person.

Ida Diamond 5 months ago

Well, Tami, I guess hindsight is 20/20. Here it is September and we are nowhere close to sitting in a restaurant in a group of 25+. I am writing to secure your assistance. I signed up for the September meeting with the dinner party so generously offered by Biohaven Pharmaceuticals. I registered with the group and registered for the dinner party but forgot to register with the mtg code until today when the ENP reminder popped up. I can't register with with the pharma anymore (deadline was 9/4). Did I just get dropped or can I contact the rep by phone? I don't want to go out to the restaurant unless I know they haven't cancelled me, and I would like to join the Zoom webcast. Can you let me know the phone number of the rep so I can get in touch?

Ida Diamond 5 months ago

Thank you. My phone # is 281-486-4004.

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