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URGENT! News from legislature - PLEASE READ

Posted almost 2 years ago by Florence Schaefer

URGENT! News from legislature - PLEASE READ

Posted about 18 hours ago by Megan Wheeler

I copied and posted from the TX CNS webpage.

The House full practice bill, HB 1792, has been scheduled for a public hearing this Thursday, April 4! Our APRN expedited licensure bill, HB 912, has also been scheduled for the same day and testifiers are needed for this bill. 

Additionally, It would be great if some of our members could attend the public hearing and register in support of the bill. This would be to register in support of the bill, but not registering to testify. This actually carries a lot of weight because when the Committee report is filed, it will list all of the supporting groups and organizations, and I’d like to have our list show a robust representation of groups from across the state and across our broad based Coalition of supporters. 

The coalition is reaching to find someone with a lived experience/story who can testify on HB 912 and the need for an expedited licensure process for out-of-state APRNs. This would be a year-round expedited licensure process, not just during times of disaster, and would essentially fill a need until the state adopts the APRN Compact.

 Does anyone know of an APRN, friend, or colleague who moved from out-of-state and who experienced extraordinary wait times/delays in the processing of their Texas APRN licensure application? We had a couple of faculty members on hand for this bill, but the hearing coincides with the NONPF conference and now they are no longer able to testify on our behalf. 

We only need to identify one, possibly two, testifiers for this bill, but we need to do so as urgently as possible. Please email or call Erin Crusack (512-291-6224 (ext. 202) 512-781-0053 (cell)  with any leads, ideas, or suggestions. 

Thank you, and wish us luck this week with the hearing!